Does your hart beat little extra for music and culture? Do you want to take part in mobilizing the creative and good forces in society? Are you fed up with all the destructive development and all the violence around us? Do you believe in Music as an alternative to violence, oppression and injustice?

You have come to the right place – Music against Violence is the organization for you!

Music against Violence (MAV) is an organization for musicians and people interested in music which uses music as a means of:

  • Mobilizing the creative and constructive forces in the society
  • Stand up to and show alternatives to all kinds of violence, oppression and injustice
  • Create networks based on Music, nationally as well as internationally. Carry out musical manifestations and cooperate with organizations and individuals working in the same spirit.

Welcome to Music Against Violence!

Music Against Violence/together for Peace.

During 2013 a collaborative project will be performed by the two organizations Music Against Violence (MAV) in Gothenburg and the organization Safe Youth Future (SYF) in Gaza. The Lewin-Landgren-Björänge trio, representing MAV, will perform together with instrumentalists and singers from the Gaza music school, which is a part of the Beir Zeit University – Edward Said Institute for Music. In different places in Gaza and the West Bank the concert ”Gaza singing for Peace” will be performed. The project starts in March 2013, when the Swedish trio makes its first visit to Gaza. Furthermore there are plans, through SYF, to expand the project to Egypt. Within this context the project will also have links to Sweden through visits and workshops.

Music Against Violence was founded in 2005 and the overall idea is to use music as a means to bring people together and form a protest against a society which gradually becomes more and more violent. Both the message and the music as such bring people together, for the benefit of a less violent world and a future in peace.

The organization MAV was founded through the initiative by Håkan Lewin and Johannes Landgren together with Brittmo Bernhardsson and Ingemar Henningsson. The original idea was to create a concert as a musical protest against the increasing violence in the society. The result was a concert, consisting of primarily Afro American music but also of music composed by other composers taking stand against violence. Several musicians all over the world are linked to the organization and concerts against violence are performed in Russia, the USA, China, Belarus, South America and Southern Europe. In Gothenburg every year on the 24th of October (on the UN day), a concert is arranged for this purpose. The project ”Gaza singing for Peace” is the first time that the organization MAV is active in the middle of a severe political and military conflict. The concept here is to form an ensemble consisting of people from various religious traditions and of different gender. They will work together and the result will be a concert; ”Gaza singing for Peace”.  The music is primarily derived from the afro american tradition, where the keywords are freedom, non violence, peace and gratitude for life. The original message comes from the North American slaves and their longing for freedom from slavery. Through using this music in another context the project wants to send a signal pointing towards a future society where peaceful coexistence, regardless of cultural or religious background, is the only way forwards. There is a great need for an alternative to violence and revenge. Music can help to reduce the pressure and frustration which today is significant for the everyday life of  children and youth in the area and even might formulate hope for the future. Collaboration within the culture area and with foreign cultural workers is important. Music linked to a message of non violence might bring people from different backgrounds together and formulate reconciliation instead of violence. This could be a small step towards peace.

The project is supported by the Folke Bernadotte Academy. More information at: ,

Håkan Lewin alto saxophone, Jon-Erik Björänge drums, Johannes Landgren key board


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Music Against Violence

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